Guide: How to install Symfony Ezpublish 5 on Nginx through Git

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As you probably know, EzSystem has (not so) recently released version 5 of it’product EzPublish which was almost entirely rewritten with help of Symfony 2. Unfortunately though, it’s not very easy to find documentation relative to it’s installation, especially if you are trying to do it on  Nginx and not Apache.

So here are some of my notes.

Download composer and update dependencies

You might have some problems during this phase, for example:

In order to fix this problem on debian run

After a while, you will be asked to provide some parameters, such as:

  • secret: security token (just put some random text, for example apdfjag98uaui3rjiodjf)
  • locale_fallback: your desired default locale
  • ezpublish_legacy.default.view_default_layout: Default page layout. For now leave it as it is.

Fix permissions

Now we can proceed to configuration of nginx virtual site.

This is a basic nginx configuration file, probably you will need to fix it for your needs, in particular look at the row

Other note: if you look carefully you will notice that I redirect all non existing calls to index_dev.php.Once you are ready for production you should change it to index.php

Now open your browser and go to http://ez5.local. If you receive a following error

You are not allowed to access this file. Check index_dev.php for more information.

just edit index_dev.php for your needs (add your ip to permitted list, or just delete the whole control block all together).

If everything went fine, you will be presented with Ezpublish Setup Wizard. And here first problems arises: due to some obscure bug (or maybe a feature) you will be unable to proceed with installation on nginx. To fix this open firebug or Chrome developer tools, and change form action from “/index_dev.php” to “”. You will need to do it for every step of wizard.

Go on with wizard steps, but make following changes:

  • When asked about AcceptPathInfo On, check “Ignore this test”
  • When asked for Site Details check if every url is the right one.

At the end of the wizard you will be presented with a working ez5 installation on nginx.


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